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Friday, March 18, 2011

I love you to the moon

One month with you (but technically two ;])
And I’m completely taken by surprise
I can tell how much you care and much I mean to you
Just by the look in your eyes

Whenever you kiss me
And we both breathe in
I melt inside
I fall for you all over again

When I’m without you boy
I can barely stand it
But being with you is more than worth it
So I’m glad we chanced it

When I’m in your arms
My whole world’s right, nothing can go wrong
All I ever want to do is hold you tight
Because you’re right where I belong

And in this short amount of time we have been through a lot
But I’ve never even thought of leaving your side
I will be the one to always hold your hand
Through every storm and bumpy ride

No matter how hard things may get
We can’t ever change
Only grow together
Learn to dance in the rain

We won’t ever discourage
Or overuse “I love you”
We won’t take each other for granted
And we’ll lift each other in all that we do

I intend to keep you dear
 You’re my big spoon
“I love you” has got to mean something
So I love you to the moon

-Kate Gill

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