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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The First Sign

Let's be honest..
I've found myself scared of how I might feel when you leave.
Let's be honest..
I've become a bit addicted to the way that you've touched me.

I've become attached
To your fingers in my hair,
To your kisses on my forehead,
To the sincere way that you care.

You're my best friend.
Please don't go away.
I know I act chill when I leave,
But I always want to stay.

Let's be honest..
I'm fighting this hard.
I may be the joker,
But you hold the card.

Let's be honest..
I'm scared to be alone.
I front like I'm tough.
Put you in the friend zone.

I cringe at the future.
The thought makes me sick.
I wish to stay right where I am,
But the time is passing quick.

To think that I'll be on my own..
And question what will I do?
Makes me wonder what would happen..
If I chose to cling to you?

Let's be honest..
I'm clawing feelings like a tiger.
Scared that if I pounce I just might bleed.
So to them I still remain a fighter.

Let's be honest..
The reason I tell you not to fall for me is because I fell for you..
And the reason I say that "love" is a lie is because I'm scared that I'll love you..

-Kate Gill

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