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Friday, March 18, 2011

I love you to the moon

One month with you (but technically two ;])
And I’m completely taken by surprise
I can tell how much you care and much I mean to you
Just by the look in your eyes

Whenever you kiss me
And we both breathe in
I melt inside
I fall for you all over again

When I’m without you boy
I can barely stand it
But being with you is more than worth it
So I’m glad we chanced it

When I’m in your arms
My whole world’s right, nothing can go wrong
All I ever want to do is hold you tight
Because you’re right where I belong

And in this short amount of time we have been through a lot
But I’ve never even thought of leaving your side
I will be the one to always hold your hand
Through every storm and bumpy ride

No matter how hard things may get
We can’t ever change
Only grow together
Learn to dance in the rain

We won’t ever discourage
Or overuse “I love you”
We won’t take each other for granted
And we’ll lift each other in all that we do

I intend to keep you dear
 You’re my big spoon
“I love you” has got to mean something
So I love you to the moon

-Kate Gill

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It all comes down to you

I wake up in the morning
Sun shining on my face
Thoughts of you fill my head
And my heart begins to race

You're consuming my mind
And you're consuming my heart
When you take me by the hand
I never want to part

You gave me inspiration
When I had lost my drive to write
When I lost hope in the darkness
You brought me back to light

Like a first breath of life
Was our first kiss
And I knew in that moment
That I was made for this

Like a light in the blackness
You put the sun to shame
You send shivers down my neck
When you whisper my name

You give me a high
I never want to come down
Take me by the hand
I'm thinkin' I want to keep you around

I want to learn with you
What forever feels like
If being selfish is wrong
I don't want to be right

Like a pouring rain
You calm my nerves
Keep my head in the clouds
So much more than I deserve

And as my head hits my pillow
Before I go to sleep
Thoughts of you still fill my mind
Forever my all is yours to keep