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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Find Happiness Within

It's not always easy,
This life we live
Sometimes hard to forget the pain
But we must choose to forgive
Forgive the ones that made you victim
Forgive yourself too
Forget the past that broke you down
But remember the strength it built pushing through
Heart on the sleeve
Broken into parts
A puzzle piece of a mess
Pushing away before anything starts
Wearing a smile with confidence
And I'll let no one in
It'd be easier for you to understand
If you had felt where I had been
So judge not my cold decisions
Sitting on walls I've built so high
It might be a little different
Had I not heard lie after lie
I'd rather live alone
Than choose to "love" in fear
A beautiful lie indeed
But not one I wish again to hear
Happiness is what I'm feeling
Old is gone and new locked out
Being so content with just myself
Is what living is all about
So learn it now before it's later
You don't always need someone new
Please stop searching and waiting around.
When the key to happiness is NOT in someone else here, but in God and in YOU!

-Kate Gill

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