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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Don't Fall in Love with Her

She had lights in her eyes
Even in the darkest of times
Hates goodbyes
And being in public when she cries

She's trouble indeed
She doesn't follow, she leads
Wild heart freed
And eyes you can't read

Don't fall in love with her

It's not hard to make her smile
She'll never walk down the aisle
In her shoes you couldn't walk a mile
But your time she'll make worth while

She isn't a snake
Not by any means fake
But a lie she won't take
She won't accept heartbreak

Don't fall in love with her

She wears her heart on her sleeve
In "love" she doesn't believe
Her hand you won't achieve
But she's a friend that won't leave

Stubborn as a rock
Heart down on lock
"love" she likes to mock
And feelings she will block

So don't fall in love with her

Flawed like no other and perfectly alone
But she'll miss you when your gone
And the smell of your cologne
You've been the best friend she's ever known
She'll always treasure your friendship and the kindness that you've shown

But don't fall in love with her

-Kate Gill

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