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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mama knows best

I think if I were ever going to attempt to unfreeze this heart so cold,
it would be for a country man.
A loyal son of a gun.
Knows how to shoot and have some fun.
Grabs me by the hand, takes me down to the river.
Ain't afraid to say yes sir no ma'am, you see that girl: I'm with her.
Kind, polite manner.
Shows anger only when he needs.
Will help you cross the street with an arm and a smile.
Always down for good deeds.
Takes his hat off when in.
Leaves his boots at the door.
Is faithful to you.
Will never leave you for an easy whore.
Opens the door for you to step in and out.
Never gets scared or pathetically runs away in doubt.
You see all boys are the same,
But all men are not.
Make sure when you're choosin'
Country strong is what you got.

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