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Monday, May 21, 2012

You can say I'm scared

They reach for my hand
But I just flash them a smile
I don't mean to always reject
They know not I've been hurting all the while
Walls and walls
Steady as they go
Up and higher
Where does it end? Couldn't possibly know..
The scars I now wear
Have me under the covers
I fear the worst
No more monsters or lovers
They call me bitter
They call me crazed
But I've been abandoned one too many times
And used in so many ways
I am clenched to my loneliness with such contentment it's sad
Because I cringe at "commitment" like it's just the recent fad
I have been called weak
Judged by the tears I have cried
But I am stronger than you know
Built up by every promise broken and every word lied
A relationship with self
And a relationship with Him
Is a bond that when together can be trusted
Can grow stronger without His love smoldering dim
Honesty and respect:
An issue known today
This world is lazy. Leaving's easy
Makes it simple to stay away
A lost cause I may be
I'm a storm in clear weather
Or the most difficult challenge
But for now I'm screaming never

-Kate Gill

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