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Thursday, July 12, 2012

While you were sleeping.

I'm scared to touch you because I may feel something.. more than just your skin.
I've made promises to myself.. Including: not to let you in.
You know that line, I play for keeps is seeming to hold true.
I chose the game, but it played me because my heart has lost to you.
I'm afraid and too afraid to show it because you're my best friend.
But if truth be told and you asked me, This summer I don't want to end.
Letting you go, saying goodbye.. Is already choking me.
I'll put up blinds as my heart cries.. Hiding so you can't see.
At night I think and lie awake as thoughts of you fill in my head.
The sweetest words and compliments have been the ones that you have said.
All the care and all the kindness are things I never knew.
Genuine and all sincere, but will it prove always to hold true?
My best friend forever or just an ex later, when my friend you've always been?
I flag the feelings. Forcing them down, for with them I can't win.
If they arose, I'd surely lose you and that I cannot handle.
Because we have a bond that to me is special, and it's worth so much more than just a summer scandal.

-Kate Gill

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