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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Disappointed in Myself

It's the most beautiful things I'm afraid of..
Like having someone in my life "forever".
Now the thunder rolls outside my window
And I know that we won't be together.

I can hear the rain beating down on my roof
And trickle down by my window with the faint sound of chime.
A tear rolls down my right cheek
Because I know that we've ran out of time.

In opposite directions we'll go alone on our own paths
I'll cry when I reach out and you're not there.
A storm is a beautiful thing, but when it passes...
Will you still be there for me to care?

What have I done?
Afraid to love and afraid to lose.
Scared of what I'm feeling
And now I don't even get to choose.

The sky is angry
As my heart cries.
I couldn't possibly prepare myself.
This will be the worst of goodbyes.

Why must life be?
My brain and my heart argue
With what stands right here in front of me.

Stubborn they are
Don't they know you'll soon be gone?
You'll be much better off.
A new place for you to forget and to move on.

I miss you now and I'll miss you then;
I know that we will both be fine.
Here, is nothing to end.
At least for the summer, it was almost like you were mine.

I know it's going to be hard,
But I'll be happy for you then.
You'll soon get what you deserve
And I'll smile because you're my best friend..

-Kate Gill

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