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Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's a Girl to do?

Because you're in my heart
You are always on my mind
All the love I've found in you
I thought that I would never find

So much time that we have spent
Who would have thought we'd end up here?
That you'd be scaling every wall..
That you'd be conquering every fear?

Cold hearted and alone
That's where I sat myself within
Blanketing your true comfort
Blind, because I was scared of where I'd been

To let you in or not?
To chance losing my best friend?
Were the reoccurring thoughts
The battles seeming without end

But through time you won me over
I spent the summer on cloud nine
And this time you weren't leaving
Without you finally becoming mine

And now here we are together
And everyday feels like a dream
Those dreams are titled as forever
For I am entrapped within your scheme

I said I wasn't supposed to love you
For it is evil and is not real
But those were words ignorantly spoken
Before my heart you surely proved to steal


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