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Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Greatest Goodbye (written a year ago, but forgot to post to the list)

Walking out that door:
Greatest choice I made.
That phone call with you crying?
Well, it made my day.

Oh yes, I see so soon again you're dating
Who you called your biggest mistake
Yeah, you were right about that
But being with you isn't something in which I wish to partake

A round of applause,
Your acting skills are fantastic!
But you should work on your balls,
Even women aren't to be so dramatic.

Too far? I think not.
Your dick's as dumb as was my heart.
I'm pissed at the fact I let you in
& Disgusted by you making girls a sport

One, two, three, bang
The list goes on and on
When you get to the next one,
Please can you tell me what it is you've won?

But I don't think herpes is a prize
Correct me if I'm wrong,
I think you're safe, for from it no one dies

Sorry I'm not sorry
Oooh yes I know I'm mean
That's all right, doesn't hurt my feelings
For at least I know I'm clean

My days are filled with laughter
A joke, yes thanks for being
I used to think you were a gentleman
But little boys can be so deceiving

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