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Saturday, May 4, 2013

I'm not the brightest (also written a while back)

Everyone hurts you at some point. You were just the last I expected.
My ignorance again has won.
I'm just a girl that can't be perfected.

I knew that I would break
Not this soon, but I'll watch you go
So throw your blows, I can take it.
I'm much stronger than you know.

I hate to cry in public
I prefer the solitude
But what I hate even more..
Is saying that it's because of you

Remember our long summer nights?
Yeah, I'm sorry I shared that kiss
Said you'd never screw me over
You weren't supposed to do this

But I can hold my head high
I can walk away too
This will be the only day I cry
No worries, what we never had is through.

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