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Saturday, May 4, 2013

You'll know when (written February)

You'll know when

I know I'm afraid
But I'd rather you stay
Forever, with me
So please don't go away
I'll conquer the fears
Let love conquer all
Walk out of the shadows
Let down every wall
I'll build you a castle
Upon a foundation that's true
I'll do whatever it takes
If it means that I keep you
Winning you over
I don't have to try
I know that you're mine
From now till you die
But to comfort your heart
And to ease your mind
Because I know that you are anxious
With wondering how much time
I need not too long
For I know that I'm for you
Soon enough there'll be no waiting
And then you'll know that.. I do
Fear, it is haunting
But know that He is strong
Love will stop at nothing
Because He knows where I belong

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