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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fear fades in you

Written April 2, 2012
You're slowly fixing what you've broken
Mending wounds, replacing words that should not have been spoken
Putting that smile back upon my face
All frowns and tears your hands now erase
Where'd you go?
I wish I knew
You will never understand the extent of pain you put me through
But you're here now
And I can't explain this feeling
So much warmth and emotion
Time is certainly revealing
You take me there when you take my hand
It's hitting me now how much I missed my best friend
When I say I'm happy..
It's good to know I mean it
It's finally real
About time my life has seen it
It's a gradual change
Everyday it's getting better
You don't know how good it feels
I hope it stays this way forever
That stage of down I thought i'd never get out
Wasn't myself, my head was filled with so much ache and doubt
It's all a process
A cruel process of life indeed
Overcoming obstacles
To show and prove each other we need
It's okay to fall sometimes
We eventually pick each other up
Even the best hit the ground
Have their worst, but haven't sunk
Don't let me drown
Stay here and hold true
I don't want to slip down again
I think it's obvious I need you
Something about the look in your eyes
Let's me know to stay at ease
Scared to death, but still faith clinging
No more running please
I'm not asking for serious needs
Just please keep on proving
Show me more..
Let me trust you're not moving
The mending continues
I'm getting better everyday
I thank you for that
One question: please stay?

- Kate Gill

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