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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just a lesson learned

Written May 3, 2012
I still remember you coming home to me all those nights
I still remember you were my best friend
But now I can close my eyes and turn out the lights
Because now you're far from who we all knew then
The funny thing about pictures is
The people in them change
Now you're just a memory in an album
And I've finally turned the page
It's not heartbreaking that we're apart
Just that you're not the same
The pleasure you took in making me smile
Turned out to be just a game
That wonderful person we all thought we knew
Has disappeared and gone
As sad as it is to think about
It's always darkest before the dawn
My very best friend turned out to be a phony
And without a care in the world
Left me completely stranded
To be lonely
But little do you know
Every time you try to cut me down I'm winning
Brings me up that much higher
And now I can't stop grinning
I thought I lost it all when I lost you
But now I see I'm only better
Because in the end you were all wrong
I knew it from the moment I met her
You put on quite the act I will admit
You really had everyone fooled
Had us believing every lie you said
How can it feel good to be so cruel?
But you're crazy for toying around with my heart
Because I truly loved you at your worst
You won't be the last person I love
Even if I was mistaken to make you my first
I hope you can look back one day
And appreciate me even though you let me fall
I hope then I bring a smile and a tear to your face
Because at one point we really did have it all..

-Kate Gill

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