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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This is my heart, it was made for you

Written October 12, 2011
The beat in my heart sings a song for you, a song for you to know
A melody for you to know that I am yours
That produces a feeling that will never cease to grow
Can you hear it?
Hear it soft and sweet even through the miles and time between?
Can you feel it?
Strong and steady even through the hard times we’ve seen?
Sometimes it’s weak, but it always holds true
To beat for one alone, to sing just for you
It may skip a few beats and sing out of tune,
But it hopes to be enough
Because it loves you to the moon
No matter the hardships,
Know there could never be
Another to make it beat like this
To make me this happy
Because for you it was made
Given the reason to beat
The reason to sing, to live
You make it strong, you make it true
For this it will always sing for only you

- Kate Gill

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