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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One day. Without you.

Written Feb 29, 2012
One day, I'll wake.
A smile on my face.
One day, my brain.
These memories will erase.
Without you.
Without you.
One day, these tears.
They will surely fade.
One day, you'll see.
These scars that you have made.
But I'll move on..
Without you.
Without you.
One day, my heart.
The pieces will arrange.
One day, alone.
I won't feel so strange.
Without you..
Without you.
And I will make it by.
No. No more tears I'll cry.
I will move on..
Without you.
And I will find my strength.
Of you I will not think.
I'm moving on..
Without you.
One day, my eyes.
They are gonna shine.
One day, my love.
Will only be mine!
Because I'm gone..
Without you.
One day, you'll think.
Damn that girl was good.
One day, my hand.
Boy you'll wish you could!
But baby I..
I'll be long gone..
Without you.
Without you.
A free mind.
One day.
I'll be fine.
One day.
A good cry.
No more.
A good bye.
Right now!
Cuz boy I'm gone..
I'm so far gone..
Without you.

-Kate Gill

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