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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I don't wanna be scared

Written April 2, 2012
I don't wanna be scared
Take it all away
Tell me no worries
Say it'll all be okay
Lets run so far
Just grab my heart
Run far from the bullshit
Complete with a brand new start
Please don't hurt me again
Don't put other girls before me
When life hits you hard
The last thing we need is for you to ignore me
I want to feel needed
Or at least a bit wanted
I won't be kicked down
Or ever by her again be taunted
I refuse to be thrown
Under the bus
Just make me your only girl
And there will be no fuss
I'm a priority
Not an option
Any girl like that again
Promise baby, better think with caution
I'm number one
Not number two or three
So you have a lot to show
Because it's no more her or me
I won't settle for that
I deserve to be treated right
At least with some respect
I won't stick around for girls or about them to fight
I'm learning to put myself ahead
Please place yourself in my shoes
I'm not going to be stepped on this time
Baby you have to choose
I won't handle disrespect
I won't handle bull
I won't go for round two
Because this time I won't be looked at as a fool
It's my heart on the line
I can't handle it shattered
Make me feel more important
Not like someone else really mattered
I don't wanna be scared
Show me I have nothing to fear
Be only for me
Show me where you wanna be is here

- Kate Gill

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