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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ghost From My Past

When you kiss my lips
Can you feel the pain
I've had my fair share
Of both sunshine and rain

Why do I miss you
Why can't I sleep at night
Why do I sit here
With myself and fight

I'm wounded
I'm scarred
I'm severly fragile
I'm barred

I can only blame myself
I never let myself out
I made myself go crazy
Filled my head with such doubt

I break my heart daily
I run from it all
Then I tear myself apart
And watch myself fall

You're a ghost from my past
And now you're hauntin' me
Sometimes I cry so much
I can't see my own reflection in front of me

Now I'm on the ground
I'm down on my knees
Askin', beggin' God
To save me please

Not from you
But from myself
Its plain to see that
I need some help

I'm not over you
And I'm not sure that I wanna be
See I've gone crazy
Don't know what I'm expectin' of you and me

When I walked out that door
Why weren't you runnin' after me
Where were you
I had no clue, didn't even know where I was runnin' to

I ran till I fell on my face
I've never felt so alone
I still aint got up
I sit here clutched to my phone

But you're a ghost from my past
And now you won't go away
But like I said, I've gone crazy
As I push I'm still begging you to stay

-Kate Gill ♡

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