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Friday, February 11, 2011

When his face turns red, I don't know him anymore

Screaming and fighting
Things slung in my face
Memories and feelings
I can never erase

The people that love me
Make me feel so low
Leave me feeling like nothing
Wishing I could go

We seem so happy
From the outside in
But if you heard the words, saw the tears
You'd surely think again

My cheeks stained black
And my eyes blood red
He doesn't understand the pain
Of the words that he had said

Control yourself
Before you "control your kid"
I feel is something
He never did

His rage and anger
Leave me scared
My feelings in that moment?
He never cared

And does she try to stop it?
No, she pushes it on
I fear as well
She too, wants me gone

Home "sweet" home
Such an oxymoron
One day I'll be successful
So I can soar on

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