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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Your apologies mean nothing
And your words they don't mean shit
Those are the words that he had said
Those are the words she won't forget
So the girl at the open window
Left her life pinned on the floor
She shut the open frame
And went for the open door
What she only thought
And what she only knew
Was she left her only world In that tiny little room
She has the only lock
But she gave away two keys
She doesn't know what's going to happen
And it's left her at her knees
It's been a good while
And it all still breaks her heart
She wants a new beginning
She needs a fresh start
The pain has yet to leave her
And she's frustrated as to why
Why is it when you want to love another
You have to tell the other bye
She doesn't understand
She wants to know what's going on
She thought she had the choice
But it's up to them how the pictures drawn
The outcome is unknown
And she doesn't know the ending
Her future is a blur
But her broken heart is mending
He said this wasn't right
He said that I was wrong
It's something that I fight
He said it's to him that I belong
But your apologies mean nothing
And your words they don't mean shit
Were the wordsthat he had said
And the words she'll never forget

-Kate Gill ♡

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