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Friday, February 11, 2011

March 29, 2006

Seeing you there...
Wanting to stare,
But I look away
Because i'm scared to think of  what your friends might say
Looking into your trusting eyes
And deep inside
Filling up with many sighs
It's bringing me pain...
My heart dies
Something I want...
Something i can't get
A dream in my head,
A goal never met
I'm giving up now
I'm growing tired
I know I'll never be the one desired
I'm nervous to know what you think of me
I'm wondering if it's just my looks you really see
I'm loving your smile,
Your personality
I like everything about you
But I don't know why
And it's better when I talk to you,
Not with any other guy
Is this a dream or a bad nightmare
Do you truly, really care
Should I stay awake or fall asleep
Because when I sleep,...
I have you...
Just for me to keep

-Kate Gill

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