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Friday, February 11, 2011

Where'd you go

We made a promise
To be friends forever
Now you are leaving
Because you think it's for the better
Let me tell you something
You could end up on your own
And when you finally decide to call
I just might not pick up the phone
You suddenly meet a guy
And now I am nothing to you
You choose the boy of few months
After all we've been through?
You've become the girl
We used to laugh at and hate
If you really think it's love
Let him prove it
Love can wait
I don't understand
What did I do wrong?
It seems like forever
You haven't spoken to me in so long
We used to scream Bon Jovi
While riding in my car
Now it seems to me
You've forgotten what best friends are?
Hello my name is Katelyn
We were best friends for a while
But maybe you've forgotten??
How to pick up a phone and dial!
After you read this
I don't want a call
It doesn't matter anymore
I don't want your time at all
You have made your point
I can take a hint
I am not important
And I don't know where my best friend went

-Kate Gill

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